What Is Your Greatest Weakness? Interview Question

What is your greatest weakness?

Even though the interview question is all about your weaknesses, your response needs to continually be within the wonderful aspects of your abilities and capabilities as an employee.


Point out the competencies

Another alternative is to research the abilities you have progressed at some point of the previous job or actively working to enhance your-self. This demonstrates to the interviewer that you are devoted to self-development.

In this case, you may start your response by talking approximately wherein you started, discussing the process you took to enhance yourself, after which mentioning the result.

As an instance, you may say, “A potential skill that I’ve stepped forward in the past was my Salesmanship. As a product supervisor who works with inner groups and did not have interaction with customers or income possibilities, I didn’t do a lot, if there is selling in my position”. However, given that I often talk with the sales team, I felt that it gives me a higher knowledge of their sales strategies.


I took a sales capabilities path and stepped forward. Now, when I’m joining a meeting related to sales, I have a much higher concept of what is occurring and I feel more effective in communicating with them. This path has additionally helped me to expand the capabilities that I have. In case you are going to use this method, ensure you’re not pointing out something, which is critical for the job you’re interviewing because you don’t need your qualifications in question.


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Discuss non-crucial abilities

A technique to answering this question is to research the key capabilities and strengths wanted for the position you are interviewing, and then an honest deficiency that isn’t always critical to the success of this work.

As an instance, If you are looking for a nurse job, you can easily share you aren’t especially adept at accomplishing group presentations. In this case, it is going to be essential to emphasize your strength in conversation with the patient while providing an instance with difficulty in presenting in huge groups.


Flip a lousy right into a tremendous one

Another alternative is to turn a terrible right into a nice one. For example, a sense of urgency to finish tasks can end up tremendous: as an instance, you’re a candidate who will make sure that the assignment was finished in time. Or, you might need to be cautious approximately the details that allow you to take a look at three times each object in a spreadsheet and have a look at every email you sent twice.

Nonetheless, of what you say, it is vital to that you are aware of this characteristic and that you could prevent interference with productivity. For instance, based on the preceding example, I may want to say, “I have special attention to the component.” occasionally this attention to the component can turn out to be perfectionist inclinations. Inside the past, I’ve located that this has prompted me to test every three instances each object in a spreadsheet or to intently check my emails to make certain I have communicated what I intend to talk in a clean and or to manipulate the layout of spreadsheets, a presentation to make sure it’s perfect. I have discovered to budget my time effectively and measured what obligations I want and truly advantage from this unique interest to detail. ”

Remember that how you reply to interview questions on weaknesses subjects as plenty as you assert.


Be prepared for the variations

Take into account that its vital to your answer to be proper and tailored on your occasions.

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