Making An Introduction: Things To Remember

No matter how well-prepared you are, there will always be times when you’ll be caught off guard with one simple question. I noticed that a lot of job applicants tend to struggle in making an introduction during an interview. The question “can you tell me something about yourself?” may sound very basic, but a lot of candidates find it tough. I guess this is because the question is very broad. Another possible reason is that a lot of candidates don’t have a clear idea on how they should present themselves.

Here are a few things to remember when making an introduction during a job interview.

Don’t repeat your resume

If you are unprepared for this question, then chances are, you’ll just recite what’s written on your resume. This is a wrong approach. Remember, the interviewer has a copy of your resume. So instead of reciting your resume line per line, prepare a short summary of your career. Briefly talk about your current or more recent role. You can also mention the roles that you’ve held in the past. You can also say something about future career plans or goals.

You can check the video below for more tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Stick to the facts

When introducing yourself, stick to the facts and be realistic. There is no need to over qualify or under qualify yourself. Remember that there is a difference between being overqualified and being an overachiever. It’s alright if you’re an overachiever. You can talk about your accomplishments without making it sound like you are overqualified.

Know what not to share

When you’re asked to share something about yourself, the interviewer is looking for something that involves your career, experience, and job aspirations. You don’t need to share your entire life story. It would be unnecessary to talk about primary school or personal details like your date of birth. Keep it short and relevant. It’s important to make a good first impression.

Be confident

Confidence goes a long way. It can make a lot of difference. Remember, there is no perfect answer. You don’t have to aim for perfection. Show confidence and enthusiasm. Even if you make a mistake, confidence helps you get back on track.

Make it better

Do you want to leave a lasting impression and stand out from other candidates? Then listen to this method. For your next job interview, prepare a few PowerPoint slides. Instead of just telling them something about yourself, why not show them instead? Visual materials can help you to clearly present your best skills, experiences, and achievements. It is also a good way to demonstrate design and presentation skills especially if those skills would be valuable in the role you’re applying for. So if you want to instantly increase your chances of getting selected for the job, then prepare a nice, professional-looking presentation. And make sure you leave it with the hiring manager. They will surely be impressed.

See if these tips would work for you. With the right preparation and enough practice, you will eventually secure the right job opportunity for you.

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