How Not To Introduce Yourself

People always want to find the right way of doing things when it comes to job interviews. They want to know how to speak properly. They want to know how to answer tough questions. They want to know the impression they want to give. This is how people prepare for interviews. They educated themselves with the best guidelines to follow so they can achieve interview success.

In this article, we will talk about the things you should not follow. These are the pitfalls to avoid. We will tackle the “tell me about yourself” question and the common errors that many interviewees commit.

Reciting what’s on the resume

Sometimes, job applicants get a mental block when they are asked to introduce themselves. So what do they do? They repeat the statements that they wrote on their resumes. Seems like a safe route, doesn’t it? But here’s what’s wrong with that. The hiring manager has certainly read your resume. There’s no doubt about it. They’re not asking you to introduce yourself because they haven’t read your resume. If you think it is okay to repeat what’s on your resume when they ask you to tell them something about yourself, then you’re missing the point completely. If you need more tips like greatest weakness job interview question that will make hiring managers want to hire you, then head over to The Career Mastery. It has everything you need to prepare for that important job interview.


A job interview is your time to promote your employability. But don’t take it too far. Some candidates get too excited and end up exaggerating their abilities and achievements. This is a no-no. If you really are an overachiever, then fine, talk about your achievements. But stick to the facts. Don’t oversell yourself. Your hiring manager has interviewed hundreds of different people. Surely they have a way of detecting lies and fabricated information. Being too modest is also just as bad.

Too much information

The hiring manager is not asking for your life story, so no need to share details starting from your birth. Avoid sharing too many details about your life because it’s no longer relevant to the job interview. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your life story, but you should know that a job interview is not the proper situation for that. Remember that you should talk about things that your hiring manager actually wants to know – and those are the things that are related to your career and qualifications.

Looking uninterested

There are actually some applicants who give a one liner and stop there. Don’t do that. Also, try not to appear stoic. Show some life and enthusiasm. Be engaging. If you’re having a mental block, don’t just freeze and stay silent. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with smiling a bit and being engaging. Even if you don’t know how to answer this question, try your best to give an answer with substance. For more additional job interview  tips. Kindly  see this site and learn more. Good luck!


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